New Pop Songs 2013 List Latest Releases

Pop Songs 2013 List

New pop songs 2013 list include some of the best pop songs 2013. Pop music is inspired from almost all famous and popular music forms. In general, pop music can carry with catchy tunes, pretty lyrics which appeal to the soulful and instinct music. And you can’t image why it gains so much popularity around the world. The young may know some about the top of the charts such as new pop songs 2013.  If you need to cry then you would listen to a ballad, to feel upbeat and positive maybe some disco or rap music. I have a chance to do both”. Pop music originates from being popular and aims at influencing common audience. Urban and current trend is reflected in this style of music, and emphasize on dance numbers. Pop music is a powerful tool in helping us all to feel any kind of emotion by just listening to the lyrics or the melody.

New Pop Songs 2013 List

The playlist collect all the new pop songs 2013. So if you are searching for the latest releases of pop songs 2013, here is such list for you. Pop songs evolve and grow over the years; this will also apply in 2013 when pop stars such as Madonna and Lady Gaga will be performing at concerts in America. The greatest pop chart-busters are the talk of the town and winning hearts of everyone. In recent times reality music talent shows like American Idol are promoting the pop singers to make their contribution to the world of Pop music. We see pop artists now singing, dancing and making special appearances for a song in the film. Such trend is admired greatly by music lovers. Let’s check the list of latest releases new pop songs 2013 what’s hot this year season.

List of New Pop Songs 2013

Here is the list of new pop songs 2013 which are about to latest release in the year 2013.

01. Maroon 5,- ‘One More Night’
02. One Direction,- ‘What Makes You Beautiful’
03. David Guetta,- ‘Titanium’ Feat. Sia
04. Flo Rida,- ‘Whistle’
05. Cher Lloyd,- ‘Want U Back’
06. Rihanna,- ‘Where Have You Been’
07. Usher,- ‘Scream’
08. The Wanted,- ‘Chasing the Sun’
09. Calvin Harris,- ‘Let’s Go’ Feat. Ne-Yo
10. Karmin,- ‘Brokenhearted’
11. Neon Trees,- ‘Everybody Talks’
12. B.o.B.,- ‘Both of Us’, Feat. Taylor Swift
13. Adele,- ‘Rumor Has It’
14. Justin Bieber,- ‘As Long as You Love Me’, Feat. Big Sean
15. Maroon 5,- ‘One More Night’
16. Nicki Minaj,- ‘Pound the Alarm’
17. Matchbox Twenty,- ‘She’s So Mean’
18. 2chainz,- ‘No Lie,’ feat. Drake
19. Phillip Phillips,- ‘Home’
20. Ed Sheeran,- ‘The A Team’
21. Taylor Swift,- ‘We are Never Ever Getting Back Together’
22. Ellie Goulding,- ‘Lights’
23. Maroon 5,- ‘Payphone’
24. Katy Perry,- ‘Wide Awake’
25. fun.,- ‘Some Nights’
26. Pink,- ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’
27. Justin Bieber,- ‘As Long as You Love Me’ Feat. Big Sean.
28. Carly Rae Jepsen,- ‘Call Me Maybe’
29. Gotye,- ‘Somebody that I Used to Know’ Feat. Kimbra
30. Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen,- ‘Good Time’

Best New Pop Songs 2013

As a genre, pop music is very eclectic, often borrowing elements from other styles including urban, dance, rock, Latin and country. As you know, the list of new pop songs 2013 is endless in fact. I hope enjoy the list of latest releases new pop songs 2013.

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